Further Information: e-Learning is embedded in management systems

Who should complete this category?

This category is aimed at those who develop or collate data for reporting and management systems within their organisation. They may be line managers, Training Managers, Training Administrators, Clinical Education Managers, Human Resources, or anyone given the task to collate and input data into management systems.  For some Trusts it can also be the governance teams responsible for collating various data for standards and performance management.

Selecting your responses

The statements in this category explore how the value and benefits of e-Learning are measured within the organisation.  The information can be an integral part of the workforce data that is collated supporting local (Trust wide), Regional and national returns, standards, targets, initiative and performance measures.

Does the organisation link e-Learning into standard management reporting systems?

Does workforce planning incorporate clear education and learning and development data?

Are the outcomes and benefits of training and development activities, of which e-Learning is a part, measured?

Are e-Learning champions used and if so how?

Look at the pages on the Toolkit on e-Champions.