Further Information: Resource design category

Who should complete this category?

This category is aimed at those responsible for the design of e-Learning training courses and resources.

First of all, you need to understand what we mean by resource design. Let us assume that you want to update your staff with a new procedure. A decision is made to do this through e-Learning rather than face-to-face training. To do this you will need to work with a good e-Learning development company to ensure that what is produced is fit for your purpose.

By working through the statements in this category you will become aware of what represents best practice in the acquisition, design and delivery of high quality e-Learning resources.

You can use this category to help you to:

  • create your own resources
  • commission brand new content
  • to adapt some existing content which you have found

What you will be considering.

The statements in this category ask you to consider the way that you and your colleagues develop and design e-Learning content for training.

It asks you to think about:

  • the quality of the people you are commissioning from
  • the learning that is taking place and how you measure it
  • the way learners will become actively involved in the e-Learning
  • how the different needs of learners will be accommodated
  • the kind of training your staff need to design and deliver elearning
  • how learners will support each other
  • the use of corporate branding
  • copyright and Intellectual Property Rights.

You may also want to look at the category on Resource Procurement.


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