Further Information: Resource procurement category

Who should complete this category?

This category is aimed at those responsible for the procurement of e-Learning training resources. It might be:

  • an Individual Organisation
  • a collaboration between NHS organisations including e.g. PCT and Acute
  • trusts and other sector organisations e.g. Local Authorities or education providers
  • regional teams e.g. SHA level
  • national bodies e.g. The Core Learning Unit.

First of all, you need to understand what we mean by resource procurement. Let us assume that you want to update your staff with a new procedure. A decision is made to do this through e-Learning rather than face-to-face training. By working through the statements in this category you will become aware of what represents best practice in the acquisition of high quality e-Learning resources.

You can use this category to help you to:

  • create new resources
  • commission brand new resources
  • adapt some existing resources which you have found

You should work towards an approach to procurement which is:

  • based on a clear business case, informed by evidence of need and of what currently exists or is in development
  • designed to maximise impact in the workplace
  • linked to major initiatives e.g. KSF and National Occupational Standards
  • focused on seeking out best practice solutions
  • able to offer portability of recognition for learning
  • able to help the sector make optimum use of its purchasing power
  • based on healthcare service standards and guidelines for e-Learning, including those for intellectual property

The benefits of this approach are that it would:

  • reduce the duplication of effort in designing what are often costly and complex specifications
  • assist in ensuring the development of ‘joined up’ solutions linked to national priorities and initiatives
  • facilitate the commissioning of materials within the standards framework, linked to further development of the repository

What you will be considering.

The statements in this category ask you to consider the way that you and your colleagues go about procurement and will help you to find answers to the following questions.

  • Are you sure that e-Learning is the solution to what you want to deliver?
  • How does what you want to procure fit into local requirements?
  • Does it exist elsewhere already?
  • Do you have a budget for the resource?
  • Do you have an experienced team of people to manage the procurement process?
  • Have you arranged for some user testing?
  • Do you know of any partners who may be interested in developing the resource with you e.g. a local Further Education college?
  • Is the procurement informed by Health Care policies and service priorities?
  • Do you know where the materials will be hosted?
  • Will you be able to test them?

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    Core Learning Unit

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    Commissioning eLearning Resources in the NHS : key principles and guidance

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