Further Information: Section 2 - Moving forward together

Who should complete this section?

This section is aimed at those responsible for taking e-Learning forward. They may be managers, nursing staff, porters, e-Learning Champions, administrators or anyone given the task to develop e-Learning with colleagues, as a tool to improve learning and skills.

The effective uptake of e-Learning will depend upon good communications, strong leadership and a thorough understanding by all employees and stakeholders of the benefits of developing e-Learning across the organisation and the process by which it will be achieved.

Selecting your responses

The Statements in this section ask you to consider the way that you and your colleagues inform and are informed about the development of e-Learning in your organisation. Do you share a vision of the way that e-Learning will improve the quality of care that patients receive? Are you kept up to date with e-Learning developments and do you pass information on to colleagues? Do you know what e-Learning will mean to you and have you been given the skills you need to support this initiative?