Further Information: Leadership category

Who is this category for?

Anyone resonsible for the management of e-Learning and its implementation.

Are you ready to lead?

The implementation of e-Learning requires leaders who are willing to lead and see the process through to a successful conclusion.

It is often assumed that leadership comes with a capital L and that if you are in a senior position that you are automatically a leader. Leadership is not a level of seniority or a job title it is a process. It involves skills and abilities that are useful whether you are a senior executive or on the front line. Leadership is about leading the way by example.

  • Is there an integrated project plan that pulls together technical, behavioural and organisational aspect of the e-Learning initiative?
  • Have teaching and learning and creative aspects been considered?
  • Do all leaders work to the plan?

Selecting your responses

The implementation of e-Learning requires clear leadership at all levels of the organisation. There are key planning stages that need to be undertaken to ensure that the implementation is effective.

The statements in this category explore how to undertake the effective leadership of e-Learning and blended learning. These steps will help you to plan the processes required to lead the successful implementation of e-Learning in your organisation.

  • Are the roles of e-Learning leaders clear?
  • Are there targets and process in place?
  • Are the steps to develop effective e-Learning planned and documented?
  • How do you lead by example to prove the effectiveness use of e-Learning?

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