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What are benefits?

Benefits are the answer to the question: "What’s in it for me?". To engage people with e-Learning you always need to be identifying the answer to this question. A benefit will vary from person to person.

A saving of time or money can be a benefit to one person. To another person it could be more important to them that they improve their knowledge and gain a qualification. Ultimately this could lead to better job prospects and an increase in their wages. Alternatively they might just achieve job satisfaction which is more important for them.

Answering the what’s in it for me? questions requires knowledge of the individual or group that you wish to engage with e-Learning. This could require research and preplanning to establish what is relevant and important for them.

Think of a car salesman who tells you about the fact that the car will go from nought to 60 miles an hour in 7 seconds. All you want to know is, will it start in the morning, get you from A to B and how much will they give you for your old car?. The benefit to you is reliability and stress free motoring not that you can practice to be the next Formula 1 champion.

How can you identify benefits?

Think about your audience and identify who you wish to engage with e-Learning. Once you have identified your audience consider what you know about them. Do you know enough about them to decide what is important to them?

It is a reasonable assumption to make that the Finance Director will be interested in value for money. This might not always be the cheapest option but the one that will deliver the best results over a period of time. Will e-Learning provide the best value for money? How will you demonstrate this?

What about individuals, how do you indentify what is important to them?
Consider the job role that they are in. Nursing staff have to prove their continuing professional development every three years. What will be a benefit for them?

A new computer system has just been introduced into a hospital department. What is their need? What will be the benefit of e-Learning in achieving this learning need?

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