Further Information: Understanding category

What needs to be understood?

There is a wide and varying range of aspects that need to be understood by leaders within the organisation for the successful implementation of e-Learning. 

In summary these fall into the following categories:

  • planning
  • support of colleagues
  • learners and learning
  • promoting benefits
  • impact

Do you understand the planning process and know how to plan for the implementation of e-Learning?

Do you understand how to engage with colleagues and gain their support for the implementation of e-Learning?

How will e-Learning be used within your organisation?

What do you know about the skills level of employees that will influence e-Learning within the organisation?

How do you gain the understanding?

Project management principles such as PRINCE 2 will equip you with sound guidelines for planning and implementing e-Learning.

To engage with colleagues and gain their support you will need to sell them the idea of e-Learning and highlight what can be achieved. In order to achieve this you will need to undertake background research of what matters to them. You then need to match the benefits of e-Learning to their interests and needs.

To understand the identification and use of benefits you need to feel confident in your own ability and know enough about both e-Learning and the organisation. The effective use of benefits to gain support for e-Learning is a skill that needs to be developed.

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