Further Information: Section 3 - Links between e-Learning and performance

Who is it for?

This section is for those responsible for developing and deploying e-Learning at strategic and policy making levels. This may include e-Learning specialists, senior managers, Board members and Quality Assurance specialists.

What is covered?

This section is about the way the organisation positions e-Learning in its processes and systems. E-learning should be supported by organisational policies and strategy. It's impact on performance and quality will be systematically monitored and measured. There should be guidelines in place that describe minimum expected standards for its use. Organisational levers will be identified that encourage the use of e-Learning.

This section does not just deal with the inward looking aspects of e-Learning but also the way the organisation links to external standards for trainers, technical staff, data management and quality assurance. It will benchmark its own use of e-Learning with other sectors, learn from them and share best practice with them.