What are the benefits of joining an e-Learning network?

The key benefits of being part of an e-Learning network can be:

  • more self-confidence for members
  • a clearer view of the way forward for e-Learning in the region
  • better understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • better view of how to overcome obstacles and hurdles
  • creating a sounding board – somewhere to test out ideas in the knowledge that you will not be unduly criticised
  • having a test-bed of new approaches
  • using mini-networks to improve techniques when handling e-Learning
  • being part of a mutually supportive community – knowing that you are not on your own in facing problems or seeking solutions
  • better able to set priorities and goals
  • learning from other people’s successes and failures
  • developing a clearer view on the limits of what is possible
  • being more realistic in setting targets
  • knowing that there is not one road to e-maturity
  • development is not a linear process but goes in many directions
  • having greater awareness of e-learning activity and initiatives locally and nationally that could support your local organisations
  • sharing ideas and best practice

There is a link below to a Becta research report on an exemplary network for sharing best practice.

Setting up up an e-Learning network?

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