What to include in e-Learning network meetings.

On a regional basis, e-Learning networks could be established to provide those involved in the development and delivery of e-Learning, with opportunities for face-to-face activities. These could include resource development and evaluation, learning new techniques or a discussion on the development of pilot projects.

Such network meetings could take place several times a year and be hosted by different people each time.

The purpose of such a network could be:

  • to support e-Learning development and strategy development
  • to create links to national services and initiatives
  • to build partnerships
  • to provide an opportunity to share experience and best practice in the use of e-Learning and the use of the Virtual Learning Environment
  • to promote knowledge sharing and collaborative development and procurement of resources for use within e-Learning the Virtual Learning Environment and National Learning Management System
  • to identify and trouble shoot any issues related to the use and development of e-Learning to organise workshops, events and forums
  • to produce an e-Learning newsletter
  • staff development
  • to support each other in the identification and development of their e-maturity

A typical agenda for an e-Learning network for trainers might include the following:

  • introduction to a new nationally developed teaching and learning resource
  • news time: Information about new developments and national priorities which could be supported by e-Learning
  • networking and reflection - providing people with space and time to share experiences and reflect on what they are doing
  • show and tell - sharing subject-based best practice from and with peers
  • tailoring resources - developing and adapting subject-focused resources to support and to enhance learning experiences for your learners
  • developing a new e-Learning skill e.g. uploading digital photos.
  • work on the development of some action research projects to develop new ideas and good practice

To support the development of networks a virtual community could be established with a membership only portal where people could share and comment on resources and good practice as well as provide peer support where people can provide each other with advice and guidance on a reciprocal basis.

To support their e-Learning club, NHS Yorkshire and the Humber have created an e-Learning newsletter. There is a link to this below.

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