A very effective way of promoting e-Learning is to create a group of people who are e-Learning Champions. e-Learning Champions can take many forms but essentially they are people who enjoy technology (regardless of their own skills level) and have an interest in learning and sharing newly acquired skills with others. These characteristics have proved to be more important than high-level ICT skills. For most people ICT skills can be acquired with support. Attitude and approach is much more difficult to train!

People who use new technology as a learning tool must accept that:

  • technology will constantly change
  • to get the best out of technology you need to know what’s available
  • using technology is an approach and attitude rather than hard skill set
  • many of us buy new technology after seeing friends and family using it

If you think about technology in the home; microwave ovens, DVD recorders, Digi boxes, Mobile phones etc few people go on courses to learn how to use them. Despite that, in the main, there is an expectation that the new owner may need to read the manual at some stage or ask a friend for help to get the most out of the new kit. This approach is very much the ethos of e-Learning Champions.

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