Why use this type of model to promote e-Learning?

Learning research shows that people learn from `people like themselves’ more readily than from experts. They are particularly inspired to take action by seeing peers execute a new exciting skill that they don’t have but would like to.

Technology can be daunting and has a chequered history of belonging to the province of highly skilled specialists. This was certainly true in the early stages of its development but now the whole world expects to use technology as part of everyday life - using eBay to buy and sell goods, banking online, comparing the cheapest source of train tickets or tracing families for example.These are just a few of its uses.

People who don’t have ICT skills are disadvantaged in many areas including the job market. They have less real choice in many areas of life and probably pay a lot more for their goods than they need to! e-Learning is on this continuum.

What's special about e-Learning Champions?

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