What's special about e-Learning Champions?

e-Learning Champions work at the front line. They understand the practical issues that colleagues face but have the wherewithal to bridge the gap between desire and execution of e-Learning. They can act as intermediaries, lobbying for resources and training time with managers and encouraging colleagues to make best use of both. To do this, their role must be respected, recognised and rewarded.

The other important factor to bear in mind is that e-Learning Champions’ primary job will not be that of e-Champion! By definition, they hold down full and part-time jobs. It is essential therefore that the role of disseminating e-skills is made as simple as possible. To run a training session for colleagues, e-Learning Champions would need hand outs, resources, session plans, promotional literature and examples.

All of these can be provided for them through the e-Learning Champion training programme. They should not spend hours preparing to train colleagues. The dissemination process should be as painless as possible. For this to happen, managers, trainers and HR staff must understand the e-Learning Champion role and support it.

Qualities and skills for e-Learning champions?

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