Sample Training programme for e-Learning Champions

The following training programme assumes that the facilitator has access to a wide range of equipment, and a good Internet connection. It is a workshop approach and there should be 2 facilitators, one leading and one providing follow up support.

Scope of the 2-day programme - Learning Modules

  • Fun pack for e-champions - Tools for content development and evaluation.
  • What's out there? - Guide to content repositories and support networks
  • Developing your own resources - Templates, practical content creation tools
  • Accessibility - Consideration of access issues
  • Cascade training - How to support colleagues
  • LMS what is it? - Value of learning management systems
  • Don’t keep it to yourself - Cascade resources for e-Champions
  • Share with the World - Role of online communities of interest

It is possible to accredit the learning modules and offer qualifications that would contribute to continuous professional development.

Aims of the days

  • To inspire participants. Day one should be packed with fun- to-do activities that provide a whistle stop tour of the possibilities offered by e-Learning.
  • To introduce participants to the wealth of resources available to them through NLMS and other repositories.

The overarching aim is to ensure that participants feel confident. It is not to build complex skills in specific programmes but to promote a can do attitude to e-Learning. The days should build on participants existing skills in Office suite along with simple to use technologies such as Wikis, Blogs, and Online survey software.

The course should offer a flavour of possibilities and prove that participants do not need to have high-level ICT skills to produce impressive interactive content that can enhance traditional learning methods.

At the end of the 2-day session participants should

  • feel confident about using new technology – positive attitude to new technology as an approach
  • try out mobile learning technology
  • have a good understanding of the content available to them
  • know where to go to gain specific content development skills in NHS recommended content creation tools
  • know how to access e-Learning content from NHS repositories
  • understand the ethos of blended learning through active participation in a blended learning course
  • be familiar with Web 2.00
  • be able to set up wikis, blogs and online surveys
  • have planned a way to pass on their new skills and ideas to colleagues
  • have a personal action plan to develop their own skills
  • have booked in a date to meet up in the near future and compare experiences
  • subscribe to an online support group of peers

Sample Content for an e-Learning Champion course?

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