Sample Content for an e-Learning Champion course

The following topics could be included in an e-Learning Champions course.

  • e-Learning versus blended learning – what’s the difference?
  • Web 2.0
  • Creating interactive content
  • Finding resources
  • Learning Platforms or Managed Learning Environments (MLEs)
  • Online assessment
  • Action planning and cascade training

Example day 1 agenda

Emersion in blended learning – the day will enable people to work in teams and pairs trying out different aspects of e-Learning. All participants will be able to take away handouts and how to do it sheets on the tools. Not everyone will do everything. It is vital that learners have a blended learning experience and are invited to reflect on their experiences throughout the training.

Approximate timings

 30 minutes

Registration and refreshments

5 minutes

Welcome, housekeeping, introductions
Aims and objectives for the day.

40 minutes

Session 1: Team web quest – Learning Repositories – what are they?

20 minutes

Feedback from teams to conclude `What is an e-Learning repository?’

40 minutes

Pair work, evaluating selected learning objects using online evaluation form created in software such as Survey Monkey

15 minutes

Feedback and discussion about aspects and structure of learning objects

30 minutes

Session 2:    Examples of home made e-Learning content and how they could be used in a blended learning context. Exploration of the differences between stand alone and other types of e-Learning content.

2 hours

Session 3: How to session. Participants will create interactive content using selected software. Working in pairs and using different software then showing each other their results. They will follow instructions and access help from the two facilitators.

30 mins

Showcasing and describing experiences.

5 mins          

Session evaluation using survey software tools.

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