Trainer Readiness

The purpose of the Trainer Readiness part of the Toolkit is to enable trainers who wish to include e-Learning in their delivery to

  • Consider the skills and knowledge required
  • Identify resources to tools which can enhance and improve the quality of delivery
  • Signpost to methods and possible providers who can assist in their up skilling
  • Highlight development opportunities for staff

As the e-Learning Readiness Tool was being developed the ETD Practitioner Project was also developing resources.  It has been the intention of the Toolkit to support and complement ETD Practitioner Project. Much of their work is included in the ETD section of the NHS Connecting for Health website.

In order to illustrate the types of courses and where they can be found some individual providers have been identified.  The scope of the work has not enabled a full evaluation to take place of each of the courses and resources mentioned.

The Trainer Readiness section  provides guidance on skills areas to be developed and gives direction to those trainers to help themselves. 

The Trainer Readiness section needs to be seen in the context of the e-Learning Readiness Tool which organisations will be completing in order to identify their strengths, weaknesses and priorities.  If staff training in e-Learning is seen as a priority then this section of the toolkit is the ideal place to visit in order to find out what to do next.

Therefore it is important to remember that while it can be accessed and printed out without using the e- Learning Readiness Tool it has primarily been designed to work alongside it.

Therefore the following way through the Toolkit is suggested:

  1. An organisation would use the e-Learning Readiness Tool to identify their e-Learning maturity by recording responses to statements. 
  2. Consider a report which is generated identifying the strengths and areas for development.
  3. If further training is one solution identified, the Trainer Readiness section can be explored to further support the enquirer.

The sections are designed to allow the enquirer to explore different aspects of delivering e-Learning, raising questions and suggesting routes to what areas to up skill and how this may be achieved.

The trainer who is the main focus of this section but the whole training team should be considered.

Find out more about trainer readiness:

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