Understanding ICT

How much ICT knowledge do you need for the role that you have in the implementation of e-Learning?

The technical knowledge and skills required will include:

  • being able to set up hardware and deal with minor technical problems
  • being familiar with the software used for e-Learning and be able to give support to learners
  • being an expert user of the training management and administration software
  • being able to use tools to design and create e-Learning resources.

The level of knowledge required will depend on your role.

How do you gain the relevant knowledge and skills?

Some technical understanding will be needed about the particular equipment and software you can use. Look out for training provided nationally or locally for the technology provided.

There should be information about how to use the equipment in your organisation. If in doubt try reading the manual or asking for technical support. There may be an online user group you could join to get additional help. Or maybe try the web site of the publisher of the software or the maker of the equipment.

Some technical understanding will be more generic, for example on how to create podcasts or using a spreadsheet.

For access to courses look at the NHS Microsoft IT Academies website where you can find details of your local NHS Academy administrator and subsequently get the access codes you will need to do the e-Learning.

If you need to brush up on ICT skills there are NHS courses. The Essential IT Skills (EITS) programme focuses on the delivery of two qualifications:

  • NHS ELITE (NHS eLearning IT Essentials)
  • NHS Health (NHS eLearning for Health Information Systems), both fully accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS).

NHS ELITE (NHS e-Learning IT Essentials) course focuses on the essential IT skills such as how to use a keyboard and mouse through to file management, web and email skills. NHS Health (NHS e-Learning for Health Information Systems) provides the learner with essential information to ensure users comply with information governance, data protection and patient confidentiality requirements.

The BBC online learning information technology section has a wide range of e-Learning opportunities.

The Training Foundation provides a range of learning and development opportunities for those involved in e-Learning. These include:

  • developing learning strategies
  • learning needs analysis and design and development of classroom, e-Learning or blended solutions
  • delivering and facilitating learning

Whilst these will touch upon the technical aspects of e-Learning you may feel that you need a more technical insight into equipment.

The Open University is another provider of a range of learning opportunities. You could also consider learndirect who provide many online courses which cover a range of subjects relating to computers and software.

Understanding the health and safety aspects of equipment is essential. The Health and Safety at Work Act will provide information relating to ICT equipment. Details can be found on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website (linked to in the resources below). Your organisation should have its own health and safety policies which you should always use.

Designing e-Learning resources

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