Designing e-Learning resources

Here are some of the things you need to consider, as a trainer, if you are designing e-Learning resources:

  • Knowledge of NHS standards and branding and how they should be applied.
  • Knowledge of content already in existence both locally and nationally which can be used directly.
  • Understanding of the NHS culture and target audience.
  • Knowledge of both pedagogy and the technical aspects of ICT.
  • Knowledge of the subject matter or a subject expert who can contribute to the design of the content.
  • Experience in the use of ICT equipment and the scope of technical design that is possible will help you to understand what options there are to bring your ideas to life.  
  • Knowing how to write for the screen rather than paper.
  • Writing for the screen is very different to writing for paper based documents. 
  • Understanding the e-Learning experience of the proposed learners
  • Understanding about intuitive navigation for those not familiar with computers.
  • How to make e-Learning engaging and relevant by
  • Giving the learners control of their own learning.
  • Providing e-Learning activities that are relevant to their personal experience or to their work situation.  
  • Understanding training and learning styles.
  • Knowing how to use a combination of video, audio, graphics and animation which enable learners to use their individual preferred learning style.
  • Knowing how to use activities that provide opportunities to interact in a visual, audio and kinaesthetic manner will ensure that these needs are met.

How do you gain the relevant knowledge to design e-Learning?

There are many different options available to help with the requirements of writing for the screen. e-Learning courses are available in the subject. These provide the opportunity to practice writing for the screen. Through practice you will develop the skills and find yourself writing very differently.

The Training Foundation provides training courses which lead to a certificate in e-Learning design. This will provide the benefit of a qualification to support the learning. It includes how to design e-Learning that is effective and engaging. The course is delivered through a mix of workshops and e-Learning. Technical aspects of design are also covered.

Through NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) the Training Foundation have designed learning programmes that are specifically designed for the NHS.

Also, if you work with a good e-Learning development company, they will help you to design e-Learning resources, using pre-designed templates.

A new NHS e-Learning Developer site has been made available which provides resources, training, discussion forums and collaborative tools to encourage the sharing of expertise and best practice on all aspects of e-Learning design and development whether you’re advanced or just beginning in the field. A login is required. A presentation explaining the site and containing contact details can be found.

You could look at the e-Learning Readiness Tool which has sections on Resource Design and Resource Procurement which may help you.

What skills are required to deliver e-Learning?

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