Quick guide

Getting started

When you are ready, start your self-assessment of your organisation.

  1. Select Readiness Tool from the navigation bar
  2. Select a Section
  3. Select a Category.
  4. Select a Statement.

To find out more about a Statement, Category or Section select – Further information to expand on the Statement and possibly show additional resources that you can link to or download.

The back button on the browser will take you back to the previous page or you can close the pop-up.

As you complete each Category of Statements, you will be given two options

  • Save and continue - saves your data and moves you to the next Category
  • Save and exit - saves your data and returns to the start of the Tool. You must save any new responses to keep them recorded.

Saving your responses

A link to your progress will be automatically saved on the computer you are using and Your history will be shown on the left. Your last saved data can be accessed from here or you can choose to Start a New Report. If someone else uses the tool after you they will see your responses or overwitie them if they start a new report.

If you wish to retrieve your data from a different machine please make a note of the web address (or url) provided. It will look like the following but with your personal number at the end: http://www.elearningreadiness.org/session_aakkqs07b3c0.html.

This url is also shown on your printed report. Note that starting a new report will erase the link to the previous report, and you can only get back to it if you have noted the url provided, or bookmarked it.


Once you have worked through all Categories in a Section you can see a graphical image of your progress. This includes the percentage completion of the Categories and your level of maturity in each one completed.

You can generate a report at any time by selecting Readiness Tool – on the navigation bar and the View Your Report option at the bottom of the screen. You could use a print out to consider your responses or discuss them with colleagues.

You can choose to continue through the remaining Sections or to return to the Toolkit to action plan. Go back into the Readiness Tool and select the Section and Categories that you are most concerned about. Your responses for each Statement will be shown. The Further information option within each Statement will give you an overview of the topic covered by the Statement and resources that you can use to develop this area.

When you are ready you can save a snapshot of your scores.