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What a snapshot is for

The tool allows you to save your responses and generate a report but only the latest set of responses are in your report.

A snapshot allows you to save a set of your category and dimension scores so they can be compared later with your updated scores.

For example, you could complete the tool and save a snapshot. After a given time or after you have implemented a strategy or other activity you could then revise your responses and get a quick visual check on how your organisation has made progress.

How it works

  1. You need to have some responses to statements saved already. It is better if several categories have been completed, but not essential
  2. Select Readiness Tool then select View Your Report and scroll to the bottom
  3. In the Create new snapshot text box, edit the name if required. The default name is today’s date, which is useful as it is clear when it was created, but you can rename it.
  4. Select the Create button – you now have a snapshot!


You now need to change some of your responses before you can do a comparison.

  1. When you are ready to compare your latest scores with a snapshot, select Readiness Tool then select View Your Report and scroll to the bottom
  2. Below Snapshots is a menu box with None in it, select the up-down blue arrows to choose the name of the saved snapshot you want to compare to.
  3. Select Compare snapshot and you will see your current report with grey bars below the current coloured bars indicating how your scores have changed.

Note that only category scores that have changed have a snapshot bar shown. Warning Snapshot only works with your accumulated responses and they are not retained if you Reset the Tool or Start a new report.

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