What users say

  • "The e-Learning Readiness Toolkit is an excellent benchmarking facility and will enable us to improve our e-Learning resources and adoption of e-Learning at Yorkshire Ambulance Service as well as demonstrating and justifying use of e-Learning to the Trust Board."
    Richard Price, Information Systems Manager at Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  •  “I think it has come together really well. I like the self-check questions, and I am especially impressed with the Resource List, which is very extensive and combines both NHS and other e-Learning resources. The clear instructions and guidance notes made it easy to follow and use.”
    Carole Sheard, Head of Training Quality Improvement at DoH Informatics
  • “I will use this report as part of the strategy we are developing for widening participation within the Trust - although there are other areas that we need to address, where applicable I will include development of e-learning specifically to bands 1 -4 and in particular the promotion of IT skills as the first stage.”
  • “We have identified that we do not have a complete cycle for feedback. We intend to use the toolkit as a benchmarking tool for the future development of our e learning processes within the Trust. We are already comfortable with the development we have made in this area over a short period of time (18 months) but have identified from the toolkit areas for future development - this has been a positive, useful experience and is encouraging.”
  • “The toolkit has given me some guidance as to some of the systems and processes I need to put in place so that we can take the use of e-Learning to another level. It would be brilliant if there was a facility to compare our trust with others in the UK. Resources section particularly good.”

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