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Welcome to the e-Learning Readiness Toolkit

This toolkit was created by Connecting for Health to help your organisation plan e-Learning delivery, with contributions from Skills for Health to help plan e-Learning delivery in relation to the Widening Participation Agenda. More background information is available.

At the heart of the toolkit is a powerful and flexible tool to help you judge how e-Learning ready your organisation is. It can be used in a variety of ways by an individual or by teams. You and your colleagues will be able to use the toolkit to help with your e-strategy.

This online toolkit, includes:

  • background information and how to use the toolkit
  • information to support implementation of e-Learning in an NHS organisation
  • an e-Learning Readiness Tool based on an e-maturity model
  • a searchable set of resources or links

Please provide feedback to the NHS if you have not done so yet.

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Using the e-Learning Readiness Tool

If you select Readiness Tool from the side menu you will see three sections:

  • Section 1 - Supporting learning and development
  • Section 2 - Moving forward together
  • Section 3 - Links between e-Learning and performance

Each section has a set of categories to choose from.

Each category has a set of statements that you should respond to.

Select here for more information about your choice of response.

And here for a quick guide to the tool.


If you wish to comment or report an error please email:

support at elearningreadiness dot org

You can also suggest new resources here


Related Resources

    One Page Quick Guide

    A quick guide through the steps of using this NHS tool, including entering responses, finding further information, saving responses and creating reports. This can be downloaded and printed for reference or to provide to new users.

    Download file (68.6 KB pdf)

    Why use the tool?

    A guide to how the e-Learning Readiness Toolkit can be used to support Widening Participation in an organisation.

    Download file (308.1 KB pdf)

    Toolkit case study in West Midlands

    Alison Pope talks about how useful the toolkit has been to her and her colleagues in the West Midlands. This is a useful case study for those interested in how the toolkit can be used.

    Snapshots in the tool

    A guide on how to use snapshots in the tool to compare your current score with previous scores. The reports give a simple visual check on progress.

    Download file (107.4 KB pdf)