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    One Page Quick Guide

    A quick guide through the steps of using this NHS tool, including entering responses, finding further information, saving responses and creating reports. This can be downloaded and printed for reference or to provide to new users.

    Download file (68.6 KB pdf)

    Why use the tool?

    A guide to how the e-Learning Readiness Toolkit can be used to support Widening Participation in an organisation.

    Download file (308.1 KB pdf)

    Continuous Professional/Personal Development Bands One to Four

    The Skills Academy for Health recently published (May 2009) this document in conjunction with Progress South Central.

    Move On Up E-tutor Guide

    Guide on introducing e-Learning to support Skills for Life practitioners and managers. It includes useful references and guides to blended learning. (large file)

    Download file (8.04 MB pdf)

    MTM Report - E-learning Strategy.

    Introduces Passionate about e-Learning in Healthcare, the north east wide e-Learning strategy and action plan for 2009-2012

    Download file (178 KB doc)

    Toolkit case study in West Midlands

    Alison Pope talks about how useful the toolkit has been to her and her colleagues in the West Midlands. This is a useful case study for those interested in how the toolkit can be used.

    Unlocking staff potential at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

    This page on the Skills for Helath web site provides a link to this case study of a learning advisor model approach to Skills for Life.

    A framework for technology enhanced learning (TEL)

    The Department of Health have produced a TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) framework.

    This framework provides guidance to help commissioners and providers of health and social care deliver high quality, cost effective education, training and continuous development to the workforce for the benefit of patients through the effective use of technology as part of a blended learning process. 

    Connecting for Health standards for e-Learning

    Web page on Connecting for Health website devoted to e-Learning detailing the projects and ongoing work. Also links to the work on the NLMS (National Learning Management System)

    Literature Review on the use of E Learning for Healthcare Practitioners

    A literature review on the use of e-Learning for Healthcare Practitioners from Jan 2006 to Jan 2008 by Julie Smith. A very useful background to the use of e-Learning in the NHS identifying a variety of literature sources, studies and articles.

    Download file (93 KB doc)

    e-Learning and libraries section of the NHS Education South Central

    e-Learning and Libraries section of the NESC website. Contains relevant strategies, projects, resources in relation to e-Learning in the NHS.

    Professional Development for Education, Training and Development Practitioners

    NHS Connecting for Health web page about training and development and the ETD Practitioner Development Toolkit. There are links to resources and guidance to support trainers and managers in planning their career progression and professional development within the NHS. It has identified many opportunities available to NHS staff working in the ETD community.

    Popular Learning Models

    Some of the more popular learning theories and models used by education practitioners and those with an interest in developing people. The models and theories inform and underpin many modern learning approaches and come out of learner centred and constructivist theories.

    Skills for Health

    Website for the Sector Skills Council for the Health sector.  Access to information on career pathways and National Occupational Standards

    Connecting for Health

    Website for Connecting for Health.  Lots of links and useful information. It includes a search box to find resources using your keywords.

    Connecting for Health e-Learning section

    Pages on Connecting for Health website introducing e-Learning.

    Kirkpatrick model of evaluation in the Toolkit

    A summary of the four levels of the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation in the e-Learning Readiness Toolkit.

    E-Learning Maturity Model

    The E-Learning Maturity Model (eMM) provides a means by which institutions can assess and compare their capability to sustainably develop, deploy and support e-learning.Developed by Dr Stephen Marshall of the Victoria University of Wellington.

    Standards information in the Toolkit

    There are several connected pages about standards that may be to do with quality, technical specifications or presnettion and accessibility.

    List of NHS e-Learning Resources

    The list contains nationally provided and accredited e-learning which is free to all NHS Trusts in England.  Resources listed include those from Connecting for Health and Core Learning Unit, E-Learning for Healthcare and Microsoft NHS Resource Centre.

    Download file (89.1 KB pdf)

    e-Learning in Health Strategy Board, Revised Terms of Reference

    Set up in 2009, this is a group of senior players including: e-Learning for Healthcare, the Core Learning Unit, Connecting for Health and other key players. Provides some useful information about the role of the board.

    Download file (45.5 KB doc)

    Commissioning eLearning Resources in the NHS : key principles and guidance

    A paper that sets out the principles that might be adopted by commissioners of eLearning within the NHS to promote confidence, quality, transparency and value for money.

    Download file (289.9 KB pdf)

    NHS Microsoft IT Academies

    Link to the web page where you can find details of your local NHS Academy administrator and subsequently get the access codes you will need to do the e-Learning.

    Embedding e-Learning in large Organisations - Research Summary

    The results of a survey of 503 large (500+) organisations thinking of or actively implementing e-Learning into their organisation. Useful as comparison for any NHS organisations in the same situation.

    Download file (239 KB doc)

    E-Learning for Health: A Discussion Paper Analysis of responses to NHSUs/Strategic E-Learning Consultation

    The results of an online consultation on proposals on inclusion in a national e-Learning strategy for the NHS in 2004.

    Download file (192.4 KB pdf)

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